Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet Cleaning

Q: How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

A: The cost of our carpet cleaning service reflects the quality of our process and is based on the number of rooms and the total size of the rooms. Our online estimate calculator provides a general idea of probable carpet cleaning prices but the final price cannot be determined prior to us seeing the exact size of the rooms.

Q: Should I Vacuum Before Carpet Cleaners Arrive?

A: We will vacuum your carpet with our commercial grade vacuum cleaner at the start of the service. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to vacuum directly before our arrival, however, we do recommend routine vacuuming for the health of your carpet.

Q: How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take?

A: The Five Star Chem-Dry process requires an average of 20 minutes for each room and a total of 20 minutes for setting up our equipment and taking it down.

Q: Do I Need to Move Furniture Before You Arrive?

A: We recommend you move smaller items and furniture to a different room in your home if possible. Five Star Chem-Dry will move some furniture if there are no breakables on it. We move couches, chairs and furniture not easily broken. We will not move electrical items or larger cabinets, beds and heavier furniture.

Q: Will You Clean Around My Furniture?

A: We can clean only traffic areas if desired but we do recommend moving smaller items and furniture prior to the service.

Q: What Kind of Equipment Do You Use?

A: Five Star Chem-Dry uses the most advanced truckmount carpet cleaning system in the industry. Truckmount equipment delivers superior extraction and helps carpets dry faster.

Q: Do You Offer a Guarantee?

A: Yes. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  We will warn of any possible negative situation as we walk through with you at the preinspection so your expectations are in line. Please ask questions and state concerns so your Technician can put forth the proper solution.  After the job is complete we will walk you through to ensure you are 100% Satisfied.  If for some reason something didn’t meet your expectations we will reclean it and or recommend alternative stain removal processes.  If you notice a spot resurfaces a few days later and you call us we will rush back out to clean again.  If you are unsatisfied with an odor issue you paid to have treated we will retreat as many times as necessary.  The issues we have with carpets can sometimes be unpredictable but we will strive to satisfy each and every customer.

Q: Can You Apply Protectant or Stain Guard?

A: Yes. Chem-Dry has formulated a superior carpet protectant that will attach to the fiber as we clean your carpets.  This is the best way to protect your carpet from stains and soiling and will add life to your carpeting.  Ask your cleaning technician for a quote.

Q: Does Your Carpet Cleaning Remove Odors?

A: Five Star Chem-Dry carpet cleaning alone will not remove all odors from your carpets.  You may need an additional deodorizer. If you have pet spots, you will want to consider our World Famous Pet Urine Removal Treatment.

Q: Can You Suck Water Out from Saturated Carpet?

A: It’s possible. We are water damage certified by DriEaz.  If your carpets were flooded by a clean water source in recent hours we can likely still save them.  However, the process will entail more than just sucking the water out.  Call us immediately to have a technician evaluate the damage and begin the drying process.