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Have you ever seen carpet cleaners in Lynnwood, WA that advertise “truck mount carpet cleaning” as part of their service? You probably have wondered what that term means.

Our blog will help explain what truck mount carpet cleaning is and whether it is better than portable equipment.

What is Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning?

The term “truck mount carpet cleaning” means that the equipment is mounted to the floor of the carpet cleaner’s van or trailer. The carpet cleaner will park their vehicle somewhere near the entrance of a home or business and then extend suction and solution hoses from the mounted unit into the home or business. The carpet cleaner will also attach a carpet wand or buffer to the end of the hoses.

There are two main benefits to using truck mount equipment for carpet cleaners and for their customers.


The mounted equipment is much more powerful than portable equipment. Most portable carpet cleaning equipment runs on electricity opposed to gas or diesel like truck mount equipment. The suction from truck mount equipment is much stronger than portable equipment and able to extract even deeper soil and dirt from carpet.


The heat exchanger or boiler in truck mount equipment is able to create much higher water temperatures than portable equipment.


Expert carpet cleaners estimate that it is three times faster to clean with truck mount equipment instead of portable equipment. All of the waste tanks and solution and equipment are attached to the van and don’t need to be carried in or out multiple times during the service.

The faster the carpet cleaning service, the faster you can enjoy your fresh and clean carpets.


Another benefit of truck mount carpet cleaning for customers is that the carpet cleaner will not need to use your electricity or plumbing to run their equipment or fill up their water tanks for extraction.

Truck Mount Disadvantages

Unfortunately, there are some minor disadvantages to truck mount cleaning.

The entryway to your home or business must remain semi open during the service and truck mount equipment cannot be used for high-rise apartments or offices. The equipment also requires diesel fuel or gasoline instead of cleaner energy options and depending on gas prices the cost of truck mount cleaning could increase.

Despite some minor disadvantages, most professional carpet cleaners and their customers feel the benefits of truck mount equipment far outweigh the negatives.

About Five Star Chem-Dry

Five Star Chem-Dry carpet cleaning in Lynnwood, WA utilizes truck mount equipment for a deeper, more powerful clean. We use the Truck Mount DD 4800 that is advertised as “The Most Powerful Truck Mount in the Industry”.

The combination of the Truck Mount DD 4800 with The Natural® carpet cleaning solution and Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) from Chem-Dry means our cleaning service is fast and carpet dries fast too!

Five Star Chem-Dry is proud to provide World Famous Chem-Dry carpet cleaning for residents and businesses of Bothell, Mill Creek and Seattle. Learn more about our services.

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